My Own Little Treasury

I haven't had a sale on Etsy all month (boo-hoo, sniff, sniff)...thank goodness I particpated in a craft show earlier this month or I could be very discouraged. Anyways...I thought I do a little self promotion. I made this collage with Picasa 3 of some of my very favorite pieces.
For a limited time, I'm offering Free Shipping on all purchases.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your creations. Hopefully I'll be able to add to your sales for this month. I'm very much feeling Xola...and Lesedi maybe for obvious reasons.


Tamra said...

Don't fret it. At least you've probably had more sales than me. BUT, new year, new outlook. I really think things will be better this year for the economy (crossing fingers), and for us--we'll see.

Keep your head up--you make really beautiful, unique jewelry, and I'm going to have to have me some at some point despite my minimalist tendencies... ;-)


I know it's not much consolation, but every artist I know, myself included, had a pretty sucky year. HOPE for better things in 2009. And try to get to Brazil. I'll be there Feb. 2, Iemanja's day, and will throw flowers in the water asking for blessings for all the positive women I know!

Smell Goods Lady said...

Just left your store. I think I maybe a fan already. ;O) I hope to be purchasing from you. Birthday month coming soon, I always treat myself throughout the entire month.

Gypsy Moon Designs said...

I LOVE your creations. It is rare for me to shop with other jewelry designers because I can make what I want. Well,,,your shop is one that I plan to shop with! As soon as money flows better.

Your work is way cool!

Stone & Bone said...

I so love Picasa, don't know what I'd do with out it. Your work always inspires me. great job, and I feel the same way about etsy, only got one sale in this month, I to am happy for my wholesale merchants.


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