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Half-Past Autumn has Arrived

Equinox Autumn Earrings


falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly
~John Bailey

Why Paper Clay?

Okay, for those who know my know I work with paper clay.  I adore this material because it's lightweight, easy to manipulate, eco-friendly...and it doesn't require firing in a kiln to dry, thus conserving energy.  In short it's very cost effective.  That's important to me, because everyone can't afford the "bling" that's out there.  I ain't a  Tiffany's or Bvlgari kinda girl...and that's all to it.  Paper clay allows me to explore other cultures and incorporate their sense of beauty in what I do.  My mission is to offer beautiful, unique and affordable pieces to adorn.  I'm able to do that with paper clay!  Hallelujahs!  Still making the world beautiful 2 ears at a time ~Aku~

Partner in Art

Recently, I've made a decision to partner up with long time friend Omzahara. You know the whole two heads are better than one thing. Not only is she a long time BFF....she is an incredible multimedia artist. The wondrous thing about our friendship is that we are so in sync esthetically. If we are out and about and see something'd be prone to hear a scream in unison "I LOVE THAT!"
Our styles are completely different but at the same time they totally compliment each other.

So ---O's jewelery will now also be featured at "Aku's Ear Ornaments" in all of it's glory. Hopefully I can convince her to take over Blog duties!!


Kelis in her visually tasty treat and it ain't a "Milkshake"

Check out that headdress!

Bergdorf's Windows

My friend Joe went to NYC in December to take in some theatre and do a little shopping. He sent me pictures ofBergie's windows....the composition and detail is off the friggin' chain! Their budget must have been outrageous. I use to dress windows for a store on Newbury Street in Boston (Newbury Street is the equivilent to New York's Fifth Ave in terms of shopping), so I have a deep appreciation for the art of visual merchandising. I don't know if I could have even fathom anything like this!!

Rokia Traore

I first heard Rokia Traore in my car listening to NPR.
She sang a rendition of "The Man I Love"...the old Billie Holiday/Peggy Lee standard. Her version sent a chill up my back and brought a tear to my eye. I hurried home and immediately downloaded the song from Itunes. Her voice is compelling..."slinky and breathy". In her current album "Tchamantche" she uses traditional African instruments along with acoustic and electric guitar, giving her sound a unique appeal.

A Portrait

One of my very best girlfriends from Atlanta spent 2 weeks with me recently. She is a fellow artist - I've known her for years. She's always threatened to do a portrait of me and during her visit she finally did. I love it..

My Own Little Treasury

I haven't had a sale on Etsy all month (boo-hoo, sniff, sniff)...thank goodness I particpated in a craft show earlier this month or I could be very discouraged. Anyways...I thought I do a little self promotion. I made this collage with Picasa 3 of some of my very favorite pieces.
For a limited time, I'm offering Free Shipping on all purchases.

Lucy Calhoun

Going through my "favorites" at Etsy, I realized I have this "thing" for women artists. I'd say 95% of the art that moves me is created by women. Lucy Calhoun is among those women artists that has a definite point of view of which I share. Her paintings are endowed with tenderness, movement, a sense of joy, and a connection to the earth.

I asked Lucy to describe her paintings:
"For me these paintings are a way to create a tangible vision of what I would like to see in the world. I believe in the Law of Attraction, so I'm putting a lot of love out there in my art, since what we focus on becomes our reality. "I Assume the Produce is Organic" is a sort of playful piece that has an undercurrent of body awareness, acceptance, and joy. Most of my work includes embrace and affection of some kind, and I pay close attention to colors, using combinations that really sing to me."

Lucy says she is inspired by other artists, musicians, and all creative people and their work, as well as psychology, anthropology, different cultures and times.

Playing with Picasa 3 (Beta)

I love using Picasa to enhance my digital photos! It's so user-friendly and better yet- it's FREE. Well, I just downloaded and installed the latest version. While playing with all the new enhancements, I discovered you can make movies with Picasa and use the application interface to upload your movies to YouTube. Heres' my first attempt at movie-making with Picasa 3!! It's a little blurry - but you get the jist.


One of my dearest friends is an incredible painter, sculptor, and poet. A Renaissance woman in the truest sense. Her work is rich, thoughtful, and dream-like. The colors are vivid, yet earthy. She says of her paintings, "My paintings depict moist, rich dirt, cracked, dry clay, and sand. Hummingbirds flutter, opening soundless dreams. I am dancing in the sacred circle of life."

Omzahara's work reaches for and touches every one of your senses. See some of Omzahara's other works at her U*Space Gallery.

The Joy Of Earrings

My obsession with earrings goes way back. It started in 1973, when my hair stylist mom suggested that I let her cut my hair. I had a head full of uncontrollable, unkempt curly hair. So, apprehensively I let her cut my curly locks. And she cut.... and cut and kept cutting. I ended up with a close cropped curly pixie hair-do that I wear til this day. It was cute, manageable and low maintenance. But, I have to say I was lookin' kinda boyish...since I had no figure to speak. I was 5'5" weighing all of 98 pounds-looking like an adolescent lad. Huge earrings were the answer to my androgenousness. That where my obsession began. When I discovered I had the talent and skill to create my own fabulously huge earrings - It was ON!

The Earring Giveaway Winner is......

Blossomingtree! I thank everyone who took the time to leave feedback and kind words of encourgement. I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing, but I know I've still got a lot to learn.

Lark Calderon-Gomez

I was introduced to Lark's works on the "Etsy Artists of Color" website. Ya' know how you are just drawn to certain artists? - their work not only touches you, but grabs you emotionally. That's how I am with Lark's portraits. They draw me in. This series of portraits are based on Lark's grandmother, Julia and her journey from Guatemala to the U.S. in 1940. Lark has written a wonderful narrative describing Julia's journey and the people she encounters. If you'd like to see more - go to or

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