The Joy Of Earrings

My obsession with earrings goes way back. It started in 1973, when my hair stylist mom suggested that I let her cut my hair. I had a head full of uncontrollable, unkempt curly hair. So, apprehensively I let her cut my curly locks. And she cut.... and cut and kept cutting. I ended up with a close cropped curly pixie hair-do that I wear til this day. It was cute, manageable and low maintenance. But, I have to say I was lookin' kinda boyish...since I had no figure to speak. I was 5'5" weighing all of 98 pounds-looking like an adolescent lad. Huge earrings were the answer to my androgenousness. That where my obsession began. When I discovered I had the talent and skill to create my own fabulously huge earrings - It was ON!


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