Lucy Calhoun

Going through my "favorites" at Etsy, I realized I have this "thing" for women artists. I'd say 95% of the art that moves me is created by women. Lucy Calhoun is among those women artists that has a definite point of view of which I share. Her paintings are endowed with tenderness, movement, a sense of joy, and a connection to the earth.

I asked Lucy to describe her paintings:
"For me these paintings are a way to create a tangible vision of what I would like to see in the world. I believe in the Law of Attraction, so I'm putting a lot of love out there in my art, since what we focus on becomes our reality. "I Assume the Produce is Organic" is a sort of playful piece that has an undercurrent of body awareness, acceptance, and joy. Most of my work includes embrace and affection of some kind, and I pay close attention to colors, using combinations that really sing to me."

Lucy says she is inspired by other artists, musicians, and all creative people and their work, as well as psychology, anthropology, different cultures and times.


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