Why Paper Clay?

Okay, for those who know my work...you know I work with paper clay.  I adore this material because it's lightweight, easy to manipulate, eco-friendly...and it doesn't require firing in a kiln to dry, thus conserving energy.  In short it's very cost effective.  That's important to me, because everyone can't afford the "bling" that's out there.  I ain't a  Tiffany's or Bvlgari kinda girl...and that's all to it.  Paper clay allows me to explore other cultures and incorporate their sense of beauty in what I do.  My mission is to offer beautiful, unique and affordable pieces to adorn.  I'm able to do that with paper clay!  Hallelujahs!  Still making the world beautiful 2 ears at a time ~Aku~


Crafty Linda said...

Sooo beautiful! I love your philosophy!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

You make the paper clay sing! Hallejuah! :-) Love the earrings you're showcasing today. Thanks for sharing your talents.


Stone & Bone said...

Well said...love your work...

Hilo, Hawaii

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