Bergdorf's Windows

My friend Joe went to NYC in December to take in some theatre and do a little shopping. He sent me pictures ofBergie's windows....the composition and detail is off the friggin' chain! Their budget must have been outrageous. I use to dress windows for a store on Newbury Street in Boston (Newbury Street is the equivilent to New York's Fifth Ave in terms of shopping), so I have a deep appreciation for the art of visual merchandising. I don't know if I could have even fathom anything like this!!


shopPOPKO said...

oh i love stuff like this. this is so over the top. i once was able to dress a window for the ritz carlton and the budget for a (well, large) but simple window was incredible. i wonder what bergies budget is.

claudio said...

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My Owl Barn said...

This is stunning! I wish I could see close up for details. Have a great day!

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